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Why Choose Peel & Seal Labels for Your Business?

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Are you looking for a good label for your business, but you’re unsure which one to go with? You can always go with peel and seal labels. These labels offer a number of advantages as compared to the more traditional fire tags labels such as embossed labels or scratch-off labels. Keep reading to find out how.

How Do Peel & Seal Labels Work?

Peel and seal labels offer a unique functionality – they are reusable. The special adhesive on the label is designed to unseal and reseal over and over again and the glue doesn’t weaken with use. These labels can be printed in different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. Additionally, they can also be produced with or without a hinge that enables complete removal of the top layer.

What are the Benefits of Using Peel & Seal Labels?

1. Meets Industry Requirements

custom labelsIf you’re in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, or food industry, you need a label that clearly displays the product’s information and meets industry requirements. Even if you’re not in the the above industries, peel and seal labels provide accurately displayed product information for any business in today’s competitive market space.

They also allow you to use fine print in such a way that it doesn’t end up looking like a jumbled mess. For other information such as shipping addresses or store numbers, you can simply use a magic marker and write around the label, leaving your label unblemished and clearly visible.

2. Saves Time & Money

custom label printingIf you want to cater to a foreign audience, stop wasting money producing a double inventory in a foreign language. Instead, use peel and seal labels and save precious time and money by printing any foreign text on these custom printed labels.

Additionally, if industry regulations change at any time, peel & seal labels have you covered. Save money by using digital printing to keep your inventory low and losses down when regulations change. This will let you get your revised products out into the market as soon as possible, decreasing your revenue loss.

3. Market Your Product

You can use all the extra free space available on your product to market your brand, product, and company, such as Ceramic Coating. You can now display eye-catching images and a tagline to entice customers to learn more about your product(s).