Use Professional Custom Label Printing Services

It’s very difficult for you to know exactly what specifications your label needs. That’s why you should seek out professional custom label printing services. These services are willing to answer all of your questions and will work with you in order to ensure you get the best tamper-evident labels possible for your beer at affordable rates.

Thermal Transfer Labels Are the Most Widely Used Labels Worldwide

There’s a good chance, you’ve seen thermal transfer labels without even realizing it. They are the most popular type of label in the world, easily identified by their crisp and glossy surface. So, how are they made, and are they the right fit for your brand? Keep reading to learn and discover more about thermal transfer labels and how they can impact your business.

How are Thermal Transfer Labels Made?

In a thermal transfer printer, a layer of ribbon is present at the top of the print head. This ribbon is then placed on top of the label. During printing, the print head elements heat up, resulting in the carbon pigment on the ribbon transferring over to the label, creating the desired image. It is extremely important to ensure that the material of the ribbon and the label are compatible, otherwise, no transfer will occur.

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Here are a few advantages to thermal transfer labels over other kinds:

  • High Volume

Thermal label printers can print high-resolution labels in milliseconds as opposed to seconds for conventional inkjet and laser printers. Resulting in both time and money saved for your business.

If the product you’re selling is perishable, it is vital to get a label on it as soon as possible before shipping or delivering it to your supermarket chains. Additionally, ou can choose thermal transfer labels if you need to get a high volume of products out in the market in a limited amount of time.

  • Durability

Thermal transfer labels are much more durable than regular ink labels. They can withstand a number of different environmental conditions including sunlight, extreme temperatures, oils, and water. There’s no need to worry about the numbers on your labels smudging, fading, or melting. These labels also come with strong adhesives – farmers can now stick them onto any exposed surface as direct food contact labels without fear of the label peeling off.

  • Color Coding

While direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels are both high-resolution, only thermal transfer printers can print in color. This can come in handy for consecutive numbering labels when businesses want to personalize sections by color-coding specific number regions.

  • Low Cost

custom printingThermal transfer printers do not use ink or cartridges unlike other printers; therefore, the ribbons and labels are the only components that need to be occasionally replaced. This means that you can buy these labels from businesses at a cheaper cost than other labels.

It also means that these labels are accessible to everyone – it doesn’t matter if you’re a small start-up with a low budget because thermal transfer labels will provide you with high resolution at a comparatively lower price.

Get Your Thermal Transfer Labels From a Professional Label Printer

For the best results, you should always order thermal transfer labels for your business from a professional label printing business. They have the necessary equipment and experience required for printing thermal transfer labels that stand the test of time and make your brand stand apart from your competitors.
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