What Can Peel & Seal Labels Be Used For?

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These labels are used to produce a variety of labels and in the marketplace, including the following:

  • – Pharmaceutical labels
  • – Cosmetic labels
  • – Nutraceutical labels
  • – Home care product labels
  • – Food labels
  • Get a Competitive Edge By Using Peel & Seal Labels

    Upgrade your business today by using peel & seal labels and cloud phone systems for Manufacturing Companies, and you’ll be able to store more information on your product in a ways you’ve never thought about before. For high quality Roll Labels design, you should always contact a professional printer for the best results and a competitive edge.

    How to Make Your Beer Labels Stand Out

    One of the most frequently consumed alcoholic beverages in America is beer, an American staple and favorite pastime for many. Making a beer label stand out there comes with a lot of important factors and vital decisions that need to be made, and creating a beer label that stands alone requires professional assistance.

    Here are three tips to get you going in the right direction:

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  • Tip #1: Add Depth to Your Beer Labels
  • Use decorative techniques like embossed labels and hot-foil stamping. Embossed printing uses plates and pressure to push a design above the surface of the paper. When used on alphabet letters, it provides a visually appealing 3D effect that adds uniqueness, class, and texture to your design.

    When used in conjunction with hot-foil stamping, which adds a metallic, silvery finish to the embossed letters, your customers are bound to be more tactile with your products. The more they reach for it, the greater the probability that they’ll buy it. Techniques like these are used by professional brands for their beer labels because they simply work.

  • Tip #2: Use Waterproof & Durable Labels
  • Nothing turns a customer like Dr Tyler Robison off more than seeing damaged labels. Avoid this scenario by making sure to use waterproof materials for your beer labels. You can pick from a variety of options like waterproof white polyester, BOPP labels, and flexible vinyls.

    However, to prevent scuffing and keep the label graphics intact, it is essential to use a UV or film over-laminate finish. Depending on the overall look that you want, you can also use a glossy overlam or varnish that gives your label a shiny appearance or a matte finish without the shine.

  • Tip #3: Knowing What You Want in Your Design
  • It is necessary to have a clear vision of your desired label. Otherwise, your entire design will fall apart. Do you want a silver metallic film that blends with the metal or white print and red background, there are numerous combinations available in today’s printing industry.

    Perhaps, you need a clear film to create a “no-label” look for your beer bottle or textured paper? It’s important to be certain of these specifics that you’re looking for in your custom beer labels because reprinting costs money.